Important collections of music

■ Analecta Hymnica Medii Aevi. 55 vols. 1st ed. G. M. Dreves, Clemens Blume, and H. M. Bannister. Leipzig: 1886–1922.
■ Analecta Hymnica Medii Aevi: Register. Dorothea Baumann and Max Lütolf, eds. 2 vols. Bern: Francke, 1978.
■ Antiphonale Monasticum pro Diurnis Horis. Tournai, Belgium: Desclée, 1934.
■ Antiphonale Sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae pro Diurnis Horis. Tournai, Belgium.: Desclée, 1949.
■ Bach, Johann Sebastian. Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke. Ed. Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut Göttingen and the Barch-Archiv Leipzig. Kassel: 1954.
■ Byrd, William. The Byrd Edition. 17 vols. Eds. Philip Brett et al. London: Stainer & Bell, 1970–.
■ Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae. Rome: American Institute of Musicology, 1948.
■ Du Fay, Guillaume. Opera Omnia. Ed. Heinrich Bessler. Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae. Rome: American Institute of Musicology, 1964.
■ Idelsohn, Abraham Z. Thesaurus of Hebrew Oriental Melodies. 10 vols. New York: Ktav, 1973.
■ Graduale Sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae. Tournai, Belgium: Desclée, 1908.
■ Johann Sebastian Bachs Werke. Ed. Bach-Gesellschaft. 46 vols. Leipzig: 1851–1899.
■ Josquin Desprez. Werken. Ed. Albert Smijers. Amsterdam: Kistner & Siegel, 1921– 1956.
■ ———. Opera Omnia: Editio Altera. Eds. Myroslaw Antonowycz and Willem Elders. Amsterdam: Verenigung vor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis, 1957–1959.
■ Kurtzmann, Jeffrey G. Vespers and Compline Music for Six Principal Voices. New York: Garland, 2000.
■ Lasso, Orlando di. Sämtliche Werke. 21 vols. Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1956.
■ The Liber Usualis with Introduction and Rubrics in English. New York, 1952.
■ Monteverdi, Claudio. Tutte le Opere. Ed. G Francesco Malipiero. 17 vols. Asola, Italy: G. F. Mailipiero, 192–42; Vienna: Universal Edition, 1966.
■ Monumenta Monodica Medii Aevi. Ed. Bruno Stäblein. Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1956.
■ Monumentae Polyphoniae Liturgicae Sanctae Ecclesiae Romanae. Rome: Societas Universalis Sanctae Cecilae, 1948– .
■ Monuments of Renaissance Music. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1964–
■ Morosan, Vladimir. One Thousand Years of Russian Church Music, 988–1988. Washington, D. C.: Musica Russica, 1991.
■ Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da. Le Opere Complete. Eds. Raffaele Casimiri, Knud Jeppesen, and Lino Bianchi. 35 vols. Rome: Istituto Italiano per la Storia della Musica, 1939–.
■ ———. Werke. Ed. F X. Haberl. 32 vols. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1862–1907.
■ Van den Borren, Charles. Polyphonia Sacra: A Continental Miscellany of the Fourteenth Century. London: Plainsong & Medieval Society, 1962.
■ Victoria, Tomas Luis di. Opera Omnia. Ed. Felipe Pedrell. 7 vols. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1902–1913.

Historical dictionary of sacred music. . 2006.

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